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Features of DVNASMS ?

The features in DVNASMS are categories according to their user role. These roles are Administrator, Setup Admin, Teacher, Principal, Clerk, Peon, Security Guard, Reception, Human resource, Hostel In charge and Transport in Charge.

Admission Management

It is a process through which you can manage admission of each student in your school. It will be electronically recorded with unique admission ID and well managed report will be generated for your students. A well managed admission form will be filled with the help of your unique inquiry ID. This unique inquiry ID will be generated during admission inquiry process and without inquiry student can’t take their admission. 

Examination Management

You can manage exam data efficiently with the help of school management’s system software (DVNASMS) & generate customized report cards. You can published your exam program in centralize location. Teachers and student can login in their login panel with the help of user name and password in their account and can view it well managed from anywhere on internet.

Fee & Collections Management

You can manage school’s class fee of each student efficiently and manage historical records of each payment. You can generate comprehensive reports Streamline & strengthen your Fee collection process with online fee payment and automatic reminders. A class fee collection page is inside DVNASMS which is using to manage it. Whenever you will open class fee collection fee page it will ask for three parameters and parameters name will be class name, student roll number and class or tuition fee for the month. You can quickly generate class fee collection reports which will minimize the question and answer between payee and collector.

Student Information Management

You can manage student’s information records in School Management System Software (DVNASMS). This information is collecting during inquiry process. One inquiry form is available inside DVNASMS which will be filled by each student or guardian correctly before initiate admission process. In this way you can manage student data or records with ease and efficient way.

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