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What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the webpage so that it receives free, unpaid or organic traffic from Search Engine. It is a process through which we can get top rank in search engine. It is increasing the visibility of web page to customer. If website will be more optimizes in search engine then customer can get it in easy. Search Engine Optimization, is also a marketing technique for making a web page appear more frequently whatever looking for in a list of results from a search engine.

SEO Tips From Dvna Softech Pvt. Ltd.

1.    Keywords in domain name: Whenever you are trying to purchase domain name. Domain name should contain keyword. It will help to increase traffic on website.

2.    Post URL should contain Keyword: Keyword should be post URL. It will help to find webpage very quickly. It will appear in top and above to competitor.

3.    Keywords in Title Tag: A title tag is the main text that describes an online document. It is the most important in SEO tips element. Search engine is searching for the title to display in their result set and appears in three key places like browsers, search engine results pages and external websites. It should contain keywords but its length should be a limited up to 70 characters.

4.    Keywords in headings: Keywords should be in headings because Heading Tags provides better SEO Results. When you're making structure for the HTML coding for a Web page. Some of the sentences can look a little like an outline, with main headings and subheadings then try to put it into a headings tags. It will provide best result and their ranks. Headings are defined with H1 to H6 tags. The H1 tag defines the most important heading on the page. It will be the largest in size and contains will be boldest, whereas H6 indicates the lowest-level headings tags. Heading tags also provide pages with summarize representation they summarize how web page is structured and organize the information. The H1 tag indicates most important topic, and the other H# tags represents subtopics. When assigning Heading tags, keep them in sequence in the HTML, which is how the search engines can most easily read them. If we wanted to add an H3 tag, it would have to follow an H2 in the code. Similarly, if you had an H4 tag, it could only follow an H3 tag and not an H2. SEO look for uniqueness on web page. If we have an H1 heading of common world like DVNA at the top of two different pages then search engine might read one of the pages as redundant and not count it. Having unique Heading tags allows the search engine to assign more weight to a heading, and headings are one of the most important things on the page besides the Title tag.

5.    Keywords in Meta description and in Body: Use keyword in Meta description because search engine also scanning the Meta description on HTML page. It should not be using too many keywords in body. We can put Meta descriptions of any length. But search engines generally truncate it. Because search engine have some limitations on Meta description. Meta description should not longer than 160 characters. Best practice to keep Meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters.

6.    Optimize Images: Alt tags and title should not be empty in all of web images and size should be optimized and due to optimize size of image the server load will be reduced. Reducing the image size without compromising its quality is called as lossless optimization and thus reduces the loading time of web page. The text found in alt. Search Engine understands the images by utilizing it.

7.    Interlinking of web pages: This is most important for search engine to interlink all pages and articles and interlink must contains keyword. Interlink should not be too deep and same keywords more than two times.

8.    Quality Contents: We have to work on quality of contains. So that web page visitors engage with contains. Its impacts directly on visitors and decrease bounce rate of web page or website. Never copy contains from other website. Always write fresh contents, easy to read and primarily for your readers not for Search Engine.

9.     Social Network Site: It is good practice to create Social Profile on various social networking website. For example Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. Try to post daily or share the article’s on these.  Make sure you put your domain name Profiles.

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