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User Roles In DVNAPMS Express Edition Patient Management System Software

DVNAPMS Express Edition Software has three roles. These roles are Administrator, Reception and Doctor only. This is limited in comparison to DVNAPMS Enterprise Editions. We are providing 10 roles in DVNAPMS Enterprise Edition software. These roles are Security Guard, Reception, Nurse, Doctor, Admission Department, Discharge Department, No Objection Certificate Department (NOC), Third Party Administrative Department (TPA), Administrator and Medicine Department.

Administrator Role

Administrator role has admin rights to manage the application’s user roles as well as application. It is highest level permission to manage application. Those users who is containing administrator role can make application setup configuration like customer interaction, day entry, Doctor Fee, Doctor Fee Slab, Doctor Panel, Doctor Registration, Patient Registration, Doctor’s Timing, Employee History, Interview, login creation, patient queue, patient registration fee entry, Products Entry and reporting of each and individual doctor.

Reception Role

Reception roles have rights to manage all works which is related to reception or can be done at reception. This is second highest level role permission in DVNAPMS application. Those users which has assign reception role can perform works like doctor fee management, patient registration management, patient queue management, doctor timing management and reporting. They can see reports of doctor registration fee details, patient queue fee details and patient registration fee details etc.

Doctor Role

Doctor Roles have rights to see their patient queue and its reports. These roles have limited access in application. They can work on doctor panel and report like patient visited by doctor. Doctor can see only his patient queue reports. They can’t see other doctor’s patient queue reports. To see other doctor’s patient queue repots they must have administrator role.

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