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DVNAPMS Editions Overview

Dvna Softech Pvt. Ltd. makes five editions of DVNAPMS. These editions are DVNAPMSEXPRESS, DVNAPMS Clinic Edition or Dvna Clinic Management Software(DVNACLINICMS), DVNAPMS Nursing Home Edition or Dvna Nursing Home Management Software (DVNANURSINGHOMEMS), DVNAPMS Hospital Edition or Dvna Hospital Management software (DVNAHMS) or Dvna Hospital Management Information Software (DVNAHIMS) or Dvna Patient Management Software(DVNAPMS). and Dvna Opd Management Software(DVNAOPDMS) is releasing according to customer’s needs. DVNA Patient Management System is similar to Integrated Hospital Information System, Hospital Computer system and Hospital information system project. These entire editions are controlling the cost of customer. It is helpful in case of IT budget constraints.


It is called Express Edition. It is similar to earlier edition and its pattern. Our team is providing DVNAPMSEXPRESS with new features. These new features are Doctor-Panel, Employee-History-Grid-Page, Family-History-Grid-Page, Females-Gynecological-History-Grid-Page, Illness-From-Which-Family-Member-Grid-Page, Patient-Currently-Being-Treated-Grid-Page, Patient-Has-Been-Treated-In-Past-Grid-Page, Patient-Medical-History-Grid-Page, Patient-Surgeries-History-Grid-Page, Reporting and Social-And-Preventive-History-Grid-Page etc.

This is a free edition of DVNAPMS. You can use it free. We will not take any charges for this edition. We can charge only for installation and configuration. We can provide customer support on it absolutely free. If you want to use DVNAPMSEXPRESS software then you must have installed setup file of DVNAPMSEXPRESS on your application server. This application is using RDMS and DBMS i.e. database of it must be installed and configured on your database server after that you must have user name and password. This software is secured reliable and efficient. It is minimizing manual works and maximizing automated works by selection of few simple parameters.

DVNAPMSEXPRESS 2014 | Free Patient Management Software

If you want to see free demo of DVNAPMSEXPRESS or download the exe of DVNAPMSEXPRESS then you have to register your profile with us. After completion of registration procedure and successful verification of your E-MailID as well as phone and address which you have entered during user registration procedure. We will send to you, your free demo User Name and Password on your registered E-MailID. By utilizing of your demo credential you can see all funcunality of DVNAPMSEXPRESS. To see free demo of DVNAPMSEXPRESS Express Edition or DVNAOPDMS, OPD Management System Software start now free user registration. You can also see Online Free Demo Of DVNAPMSEXPRESS Express Edition. DVNAOPDMS is also called OPD management system software. Ideal for Physicians, Pediatricians, Gynecologist, Dentists etc.

User Roles In DVNAPMSEXPRESS Edition Software

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