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How many roles in DVNAOPDMS? Explain Individual.

There are six user’s roles in DVNAOPDMS. These roles are

1. Administrator
2. Doctor
3. Reception
4. Human Resource (HR)
5. Staff
6. Disable

Administrator Role:

It is a type of users. This type of users has highest level of permission to manage the application and to use of application. They can do changes in configuration items like doctor fee configuration doctors nature of service configuration and its mapping with doctor fee etc.

Doctor Role:

It is a type of users. This type of users is for doctor only. They have limited access in the application. This role is design according to doctors work flow in OPD. They can see the patient queue list and patient visited status. Then can change patient visited status completed if doctor complete the visit of patient. Here basic functionality of doctor need is incorporated. Here doctor can see the patient prescription electronically. They also verify the patient in front of doctor desk.

Reception Role:

This is well known users type. The world reception is self-explained. This role is designed on the basis of activity performed at reception. It is very active type of users at any healthcare or hospital. In case of OPD reception users has works like patient registration, patient queue, reporting, patient monitoring, doctor panel, doctor time table, patient history and billing etc.

Human Resource (HR) Role:

It is a type of users. This type of user will manage of user’s permissions; create new users, interview schedules, offer letters, date of joining etc. They can do some necessary configuration of application. It is very important role in DVNAOPDMS application. This type of role should be assign to responsible person only. If got unauthorized person this type of role then they can disrupt normal behavior of business.

Staff Role:

It is a type of users in DVNAOPDMS. This type of user will manage self-service activities as en employee. It is a lowest privilege role in application. This type of role can assign those employee which has role is not defined by management. You can provide this role to any employee after joining the organization. They have very limited accesses in the application. Then can fill there necessary information required by organization like salary account details, pan details etc.

Disable Role:

This is a type of users in DVNAOPDMS. Whenever employee of the organization put the resignation and after serving notice period they left the organization then his / her user will be disable. After assigning this role to user/ users they will not access any part of application. It is very useful role in application for security. You should always follow the security norms by using this role.


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