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What is DVNAPMS ?

DVNAPMS is enhanced version of old DVNAPMS according to client’s feedback and day to day changes in health care industries. Dvna Patient Management System is similar to Integrated Hospital Information System, Patient Information Management System, Patient care Management System, Patient Database Management System and Patient Administration System.


DVNAPMS is covering entire clinical activity of health care institute like hospital, nursing homes and doctor’s clinics etc. It is enhanced in patient medical history, Patient billing information system, bed management system and reporting system. Doctor registration fee details report, patient queue fee details report, patient registration fee details report, patient visited by doctor report and patient medical history report is fully customized. It is faster, more secure and reliable in comparison to old DVNAPMS.

How To Check Bed Available In DVNAPMS ?
How To Chek Bed Details Info In DVNAPMS ?
How To Chek Departments Info In DVNAPMS ?

DVNAPMS is a software product of Dvna Softech Pvt. Ltd. DVNAPMS is first released version in 2013 and team are regularly working on it. Here DVNA is first name of Dvna Softech Pvt. Ltd. and PMS is patient management system. DVNA Patient Management System is similar to Integrated Hospital Information System, Hospital Computer system, Hospital information system project and Patient Administration System.

To use this software you must have user name and password. This software is secured reliable and efficient. If you want to see free demo of DVNAPMS then you have to register your profile with us. After completion of registration procedure. We will send to you, your free demo User Name and Password on your registered E-MailID. By utilizing of your demo credential you can see all funcunality of DVNAPMS. To see free demo of DVNAPMS. start now free user registration

DVNA Patient Management System provides an efficient and seamless Patient Administration System that is browser based and easy to use. Function rich and able to integrate with existing external applications, our solutions is flexible, fully customizable and deployable across multisite environments.

We offer two types of deployment for DVNA Patient Management System

  1. Web Based in WAN – It is a browser based solution that can be integrated with the Mobility Suite to patient information, test results and reports. It is centralized management for multiple hospital and nursing homes.

  2. Web Based in LAN:–It is the most widely used in LAN the delivery of healthcare information by making it easy to access patient information at the point of patient care. It will not accessible from internet. It will work as intranet.

DVNAPMS Key Benefits

  • Simplifies work processes
  • Ensures accurate data collection with front end. Like modification and edit.
  • Supports a multi-tier environment like UI, Business Logic and Database Layer.
  • Enables scalability, high performance and fault tolerance
  • Utilizes standard browser technology for easy deployment across the hospital network
  • Allows access from any workstation
  • Enables secure remote access to information and tools
  • Fully customizable to include hospital specific information like modification alteration and deletion.
  • Easy migration like version upgrade from lower version to upper version.
  • Exploits synergies in patient care, higher levels of efficiency and associated cost savings
  • Easy to learn and natural to use
  • Provides flexible access to complete patient record 
  • Comprehensive reporting

Solution Overview

  • DVNAPMS Reduces Cost: Control your existing investment in technology and training and reduce your network and hardware costs by implementing a browser based solution. Patch management, Software updates need only be performed on the server rather than each client machine and existing internet enabled workstations require no new hardware.

  • DVNAPMS supports Easy Migration and Upgrade: Our Solutions Delivery Team has developed standard migration templates to manage the upgrade process and ensure minimal disruption to your team and facilities.  Our team will work with your Project Manager to identify the most appropriate migration strategy for your organization. We provide you with full Project Management, installation and training services, including
    • Ongoing support and maintenance
    • Improved documentation
    • Service packages
    • Online help
  • Customer Support for DVNAPMS :Our centralized web based support means you can log straight into Customer Support with your own secure password. You can logs against your troubles. Accessed via our website, this service lets you create, manage and report your own service calls.

  • Security Features In DVNAPMS :Secure network protocols, Authenticate users, Controlled access to both data and functions menu

How to register a patient in DVNAPMS ?

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