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Reception Role In DVNAHIMS

Reception role has rights to manage day to day hospital’s general operational works like patient registration, admission, billing, discharge and general information. It is very important role in your hospital, nursing home and clinic. Those users having reception role must have knowledge of hospital information management system. They can manage patient queue, Patient History, cash deposited history, doctor’s availability, Prescriptions, schedule timing, test report delivery schedule, lab assistant schedule, setup of bed charge, Bed Details, Bed Type, Blood Bank Name, Blood Group, Day Name, Doctor Fee, Doctor Fee Slab. It is a level permission to manage reception in DVNAPMS or Dvna Patient Management System application. They are restricted to performed activity like new user creation, Pharmacy Management, Canteen Management and Pay role management. They can perform Visitor Management, Doctor Management, Reporting, Billing, Pathology Management and Security Management etc.

Reception Role is very important to manage the hospital and Hospital Information management system or Patient Management System because it has full control. Its works should be highly secured and should be accessible for highly responsible person of hospital. If user will not highly trained on reception role or they are wrongly worked on reception then software will not performed work correctly. Its impact will affect the finance of hospital and mismatch of balance sheet of hospital.

Reception roles useful links are Application-For-Advance-Cash, Bank-and-PAN-Details-Page, Bed-Details, Bed-Details-Info-Page, Bed-Release-Grid-Page, Cash-Deposit-Grid-Page, Department-Info-Page, Discharge-Summary-Grid, Doctor-Panel, Doctor-Qualification-Grid-Page, Doctor-Timing-List-Page, Family-History-Grid-Page, Females-Gynecological-History-Grid-Page, Final-Billing-Grid-Page, Guardian-Relation-Entry-Page, Illness-From-Which-Family-Member-Grid-Page, Leave-Application-Page, Patient-Admission-Page, Patient-Currently-Being-Treated-Grid-Page, Patient-Has-Been-Treated-In-Past-Grid-Page, Patient-Medical-History-Grid-Page, Patient-Queue-Page, Patient-Registration-Page, Patient-Surgeries-History-Grid-Page, Patient-Transfer-Grid, Reporting, Social-And-Preventive-History-Grid-Page, Test-Order-Grid-Page, Test-Recommended-Page, Test-Recommended-Delivery-Due-Date-Grid-Page and Test-Result-Delivery-Grid-Page.

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