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DVNAOPDMS is a complete software solution for Out Patients Department (OPD) Management System. It is including patient registration, treatments, Patient Medical History, billing Management and reporting with complete details of patient’s information. DVNAOPDMS has doctor panel, by using this panel doctor has easy to manage their patient and allows OPD registration as the patient arrives to the reception desk with new registration number automatically allotted to him. Doctors can electronically prescribe the medicines or tests with the quick view facility to check the historical prescriptions of each patient.

DVNAOPDMS Application Architecture

What is DVNAOPDMS Features And Price Or Costing ?

Sn Features Free Trial Enterprise Customized
1. Patient Registration:
2. Patient Registration Receipt:
3. Old Patient Registration Search History:
4. Patient Registration Fee Management:
5. Where Did You Hear About Us:
6. Edit And Update Patient Registration:
7. Patient Records Management:
8. Patient Queue Generation:
9. Doctor`s Appointments Schedule:
10. Schedule Alert:
11. Doctor Registration:
12. Doctor Specialist Management:
13. Doctor Availability Before Appointment:
14. Appointment Booked History:
15. Appointment Booked Panel:
16. Appointment Receipt:
17. Search Appointment:
18. Cancelled Appointment:
19. Re-Schedule Appointment:
20. Auto Prescription:
21. Doctor Panel:
22. Reception Role:
23. Patient Queue List:
24. Patient Visited History:
25. Patient Queue List Between Date:
26. Patient Queue List On Date:
27. Patient Queue List For Individual Doctor:
28. Patient Queue List For All Doctor:
29. Complete Old Visits:
30. Reminder Message For Patient:
31. Prescription Intelligence:
32. Advance Schedule list:
33. Next Visit Recommendation For Patient:
34. Specialization Mapping:
35. Cash Deposit Grid:
36. Cash Deposit Receipt:
37. SMS Alert On Deposit:
38. Cash Deposit Refund:
39. Activity Tracking:
40. Final Billing Grid:
41. Discount On Final Bill:
42. Patient Queue Fee Details Report:
43. Patient Queue Fee Canceled Reports:
44. Patient Registration Fee Details Reports:
45. Individual Patient Queue History Details:
46. Setup Configuration Items:
47. Unlimited Users:
48. Online Offline Platform:
49. User Role Management:
50. Administrator:
51. HR Role:
52. Staff Role:
53. Employee Self service:
54. Users Permission Management:
55. Doctor Role:
Cost Free Trial Rs 0.00 Rs 16000.00 Rs 30000.00

The DVNAOPDMS software module provides an electronic record keeping, data processing and billing system within the OPD management practice and process followed by the hospitals during the entire treatment and care process of patients. It facilitates doctors to give better consultation and take quick decisions by providing comprehensive information of patient information.

Benefits of Using DVNAOPDMS Paperless Record Keeping User Friendly System Easy Information Sharing Flexible Reporting System Complete Data Security. A Centralized Patients records management system Accessible with Doctors & other Staff Members Easy & Customizable Data Entry forms Helps to run entire Hospital’s functions smoothly.

DVNAOPDMS is including innovative ideas to manage patient quickly. It is suitable for hospitals, nursing homes and doctor's clinics etc. It is a web based as well as desktop application. It can be configured on local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). It is containing Employee-History-Grid-Page, Family-History-Grid-Page, Females-Gynecological-History-Grid-Page, Illness-From-Which-Family-Member-Grid-Page, Patient-Currently-Being-Treated-Grid-Page, Patient-Has-Been-Treated-In-Past-Grid-Page, Patient-Medical-History-Grid-Page, Patient-Surgeries-History-Grid-Page, Reporting, Social-And-Preventive-History-Grid-Page.

What is Doctor Panel in DVNAOPDMS?

It is a summarized patient queue list and patient visited status data view of same day booking and advance booking for doctor visit. It is containing data filtering facilities with date wise of advance booking and same day booking. Visibility of data is depending on user’s role and responsibility. Whenever Administrator role or reception role users will login then they can see all doctors patient queue list and patient visited status on doctor panel. But in case of doctor role. Doctor can see their own patient queue list and visited status. Doctor can’t see patient queue list and patient visited status of other doctors. So this panel is highly secured and user friendly. Easy to monitor of patient queue list as well as patient visited status.

DVNAOPDMS Doctor Panel

User Roles In DVNAOPDMS?

How To Register A Patient In DVNAOPDMS?


This DVNAOPDMS module equips doctors to check the details of all the patients with the facility to calculate cost of all the services rendered to each patient and reflecting into the final billing accurately providing a smooth and transparent billing system.

DVNAOPDMS Module Includes Following Management System Patients Management, Doctors Management, OPD Management, OPD Prescriptions, Child Vaccination, Billing and Invoicing, Reports and Summaries.

Key Features of DVNAOPDMS Patient’s Complete Demographic Details Overall Patients Data Management Automatic Operating at Reception OPD Prescriptions with Patients History Pre-scheduled Child Vaccination Table Commission Reporting Comprehensive Patient Billing Information Report Generation of Patients Records on Monthly, Weekly & Daily basis.

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