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Medicine Role: In Dvna Hospital Information Management Software (DVNAHIMS)

Medicine Department in a hospital or Pharmacy Management system in a hospital is an important role and part of care management of patient in any health care organization. It ensures that medicine for health is available in a single building of hospital. Pharmacy care systems are proactive in supporting individuals and their families inside hospital. It also ensures that systems are using resources efficiently and in proper managed. This role provides very good efficiency to practitioners and organizations with advice to support improvements in how they manage the pharmacy for individuals, OPD and IPD of care between Hospitals and patients.

Pharmacy Department role in DVNAPMS has rights to manage the pharmacy shop activities. It is a pharmacy or medicine department level permission to manage pharmacy management system. Those users who is containing pharmacy or medicine department role can manage medicine sell, inventory, stoke alarm, and out of stoke medicine in a hospital and global hospital. They can also provide quick medicine with the help of consultant or doctor. Few separate links is Advice Medicine On Discharge, Bank And Pan Details, Bed Details, Bed Details Info, Bed Release Grid, Department Info and Leave Application Page etc. Here these links are personal and for general activity.

According to business needs of individual or enterprise customer. We have developed separate module for medicine role or pharmacy management role in hospital called DVNAPHARMACYMS. It a separate module and not integrated with DVNAPMS. If you are not interested to take entire modules of software. Your requirement is only pharmacy management system software module then you can take individual module DVNAPHARMACYMS called pharmacy management software. You can use it and increased your business productivity. It is a cost effective and efficient module which will help to manage your pharmacy shop.

One more thing with medicine role is reporting which is very robust and easy to use. The requirement of reporting is developed with pharmacy business difficulties. With the help of reporting user can see monthly, weekly and daily medicine sell reports in single click. They can view and analyze the historical sells and purchase data in medicine shop or pharmacy shop. You can see patient wise old receipt, invoice wise, invoice date wise and medicine item wise reports very quickly.

Step 1. Medicine Items Name

DVNAPMS Application For Advance Cash Page

Step 2.Medicine Items Price

DVNAPMS Application For Advance Cash Page

Step 3.Medicine Items Sales

DVNAPMS Application For Advance Cash Page

Step 4.Medicine Reporting

DVNAPMS Application For Advance Cash Page

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