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Advantages of DVNASMS ?

User Friendly Interface

Anyone with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle DVNASMS. The whole software (User Interface Layer) is auto understood itself. It is self explained Based on simplicity. You will be able to master the running and the functions of this program very easily. We have designed this software while keeping in mind all kinds of users.

Possibilities of Customization

It is customizable because each educational institute has their own processes. The various add-ons might change but the basic key features remains the same.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting features decreases the maintenance cost like electricity bill, manpower, infrastructure cost, data security, supporting software license and data redundancy. This software is web based and should be able to use this software from anywhere with the help of a browser technology. They are very smart, powerful and very easy to use. Even if you can get to access this software over internet, wan, you need a proper browser to use it.

Secure & Reliable

It is user managed interface and one of key aspects about DVNASMS that is most attractive, Secure & reliability. Once you have used this software you will realize that all you sensitive information will be stored in a safe secure manner. We follow all the latest security protocols and keep updating them to ensure that the safety of our clients data.

Reliable Features

Whenever DVNASMS will be compared to some of the other school administrative software’s available in the market, DVNASMS has a wide range of features. In addition it being freeware software, to testing purpose we are also providing you with a developer’s license in case you are interested in modifying the coding.

Flexible Pricing

Its prize is varies according to client requirement. It may be free or chargeable. If your customization requirement is very high the dedicate resource will be deputed for your project and it will be chargeable.

Hosting In LAN

If you are decided that your software implementation will be in your LAN then we will implement in your LAN. It is also possible to make your own data centre in your private clouded. DVNASMS can be hosted in your LAN as well WAN. 


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