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The DVNAPAYROLLMS is a Dvna Payroll Management Software deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of interview schedule, definition of interview salary structure, Employee Salary structure, offer letter, pay-slips, Employee resignation, Notice Period, Bonus and advance amount, EMI calculation with or without interest for a specific period of time.

What is capacity of DVNAPAYROLLMS ?

DVNAPAYROLLMS is software which is suitable for any industries. It has unlimited capacity. There is no any restriction on users. It is covering all standard payroll activity. Those clients have employee strength huge like 4L to 5L and rate of employee entry is very high as well as employee strength is very low like 5 to 10 can use this software in easy way. Many industries are attempting to make efficient work as well as cost effective and accuracy. It is accelerating the employees work efficiency activity. It is user friendly, easy to learn and enthusiastic software for a learner. It is reducing the manual paper works. You can manage one branch office well as multiple branch office from one location or multiple locations by using single software. You can use it as online as well as offline because it is browser based software. You can deploy it on one server and use it on multiple work stations. It is independent of client or desktop machine. You can replace your client machine or desktop many times.

What is hardware and software required for the DVNAPAYROLLMS?

Minimum hardware requirement is i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, Windows operating system. It will supports all windows operating system either client or server. Minimum Software required is MSSQL Server 2008R2, Windows 7, Windows 8.1/8.2, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 and many others.

What are features of DVNAPAYROLLMS?

The features of DVNAPAYROLLMS, Dvna Payroll Management System are its easy implementation. Other features of Payroll Management Software are

Ø  Manage Employee Information Efficiently.

Ø  Interview Schedule like Technical Round of interview, Management Round of Interview etc.

Ø  Offer letter Generation Quickly.

Ø  Interview Salary Definition Quickly.

Ø  Pay-Slip Generation.

Ø  Employee Self-service, Like Bank & Pan details, application for advance, leave etc

Ø  Generate and Manage the Payroll Processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee.

Ø  Generate all the Reports related to employee, attendance/leave, payroll etc.

Ø  Manage your own Security

Ø  SMS Alert Facilities

Ø  Consolidated Salary Sheet etc.

What is costing of DVNAPAYROLLMS?

Costing of DVNAPAYROLLMS is varies according to clients requirements and software supports. Three basic things which needs to consider during the costing of DVNAPAYROLLMS. Implementation costing, Training and development costing and Production Support Costing. You should must aware about the component of phases of software. If you will not aware of this then you will not understand the exact cost of software.

Implementation Costing

It is one time cost of DVNAPAYROLLMS. The cost is depending on resource requirement. Here resource means implementers or software engineers cost. If your infrastructure is very big and employee strength of your company/ hospital is very high and your requirement is LAN deployment. Here LAN means local area network which is also known as within your company/ hospital access area network. It is necessary to reach an implementation team on your site then you have to pay the cost of implementers or Software engineers. Again it is depending on the duration of project. If your projects implementation duration is for 6 month then you have to pay the cost of 6 month only if it is for one or two years then you have to pay the cost for one or two years. It is totally depends upon your infrastructure or projects. So please do not worry about implementation costing. Implementation costing is varies between one thousand to multi thousands. It is totally depends upon your requirement only.

Training and development costing

The cost is depending on resource requirement. Here resource means trainer or software engineers cost. If your infrastructure is very big and employee strength of your hospital is very high and your requirement is onsite trainer then you have to pay the cost of trainer or software engineers. Your business will grow then change in your environment will be occurs time to time which needs to modify the system then someone should be responsible to change in your system. The people responsible for change are known as developer or software engineer and his cost is called development support cost. It is necessary to reach a trainer team on your site then you have to pay the cost of trainer or Software engineers.

Production Support costing

We are providing two types technical support on DVNAPAYROLLMS. These supports are onsite support and remote support. Onsite support is costly in comparison to remote support.

Onsite Support

We are providing onsite maintenance support. It has designed resource diagram and according to resource we are making costing of onsite support. Onsite support is prepaid support. You have to pay us advance by making an agreement between you or your company and our company. Advance amount paid will not be refundable. We will work with you within SLA. We can’t work on that part which will not mention in SLA.

Remote support

It is a type of maintenance support we are providing support of customer on remotely. We can take your server remote on two days in a month free of cost after that it will be chargeable. The charge of remote will consider on hour basis. If your work will over in one hour then you have to pay the cost of one hour only. If more than one hour then needs to pay more than one hour. The cost of Hour will be calculated according to SLA. This is prepaid service you have to book hour in advance. Advance amount will not refundable.

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